The Rise and Fall of Patti Superb
(Polar Bears, Penguins and Then The Fool Returns)

Patti Superb is a True Wild; a fool perhaps.

Those ones, who bare feet to earth, yet scamp about somewhat airborne. Their eyes look at you and through you, while their ears hear music from the next-next room. They pull language right out of the trees and remind adults of things they ought to know. And they’ll dress themselves, thank you.

As is the case with many a True Wild, Patti had been shocked into eventual silence by The Heavy-Heavy. And now, she’s locked inside an adult who is choc-a-block full of external directives and co-ordinates. Blind under the blankets and holding someone else’s handbag.
She speaks again in whispers, occasional triumphant outbursts & deflecting half-truths. While the half-unsaid burns a hole in her heart, plays her nerves, twists her tummy, tangles her thoughts and, just quietly, makes her blood boil.

Fate - smooth or messy - but never late, insists on a time when every True Wild must undress, address and redress. Come clear again and as intended, for the clothing of the heavy-heavy is precisely that.

Solemn. Comedic. Melodic. Episodic. Part Adventure story. Part half-time pep talk and collective ritual.

For the True Wilds and their Allies.


Sun 24 - Tue 26 February; 19:00
Fri 1 - Sat 2 March; 19:00


473 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden


60 minutes


$20 [cash only door sales]


Accessible seating not available

Content Warnings:

Adult themes