The Magic Within

IMAGINATION, the ability to think of things that do not exist. It is this ability that allows us to create art, to imagine what it is like to feel the pain of another being, to pursue a better future and much much more.

'THE MAGIC WITHIN' is an exploration of this wonderful feature that comes with being a human, expressed through the Art of Magic.

Dev is a Magician, Actor and Engineer who spends a lot of time thinking about such matters and often, these thoughts manifest in the form of astonishing Magic tricks. So come along if you want to experience what it feels like to see something impossible happen, learn about the role imagination plays in our lives and ultimately realize that all of us are capable of doing things that may seem beyond the realms of possibility.

Come, discover 'The Magic Within'.



Wed 20 - Thurs 21 & Wed 27 - Thurs 28 February; 19:00


473 Dominion Road, Mt Eden


45 minutes




Accessible seating available

Content Warnings:

Language no problem


Theatre, Visual Arts Performance / Performance Art, Magic