Sure you do!

All sorts of spaces can be a venue in Auckland Fringe including theatres, pubs/bars, music venues, churches, vacant buildings, carparks, living rooms, offices, buses, tents, beaches and so on! If you can imagine it, it can happen.

If you love having a bunch of people come round for a quiet dinner gathering or a mad party, either way it sounds like you’d be perfect as a host of your own little bit of Fringe! Plus we’ll help out - with advice on programming, logistics, marketing and more.

Wanna join us? Contact Lydia on lydia@aucklandfringe.co.nz any time

Auckland Fringe in a nutshell...

  • Auckland Fringe is a festival which ANYONE can be part of (unless they’re doing something illegal, eep).

  • It covers every art form you can possibly think of including theatre, dance, music, comedy, visual arts, digital art, storytelling, spoken word, cabaret, musical theatre, burlesque, street art, street theatre, talks and workshops, etc ...

  • Auckland Fringe is here to help. We run workshops for artists to develop their skills, we promote everyone’s shows and venues, and we make a splash on the marketplace.

  • Auckland Fringe runs from 21st February - 12th March in 2017.
    Artists and venues can do one night or the whole run - whatever suits!


What does it mean to be a venue in Auckland Fringe?

  • Access to new artists - we’ll send artists your way (if you wish) by promoting you as a venue on our website OR you can programme from your own pool. Or both, that’s ok too.

  • Access to new audiences - we promote the Fringe through a brochure, website, media coverage, social media and more - and we’re promoting your venue too! If you want new people to experience what it is you have to offer, Fringe is a great way forward.

  • To be part of an Auckland-wide network - Fringe is a great place to start building relationships with other venues and programmers, both in your own suburbs and region-wide. 6 months later when you really need to know about the new H&S requirements, or need a tech recommendation this sure can come in handy!

  • Cut through at a busy time - got an event on anyway? February/March is a super busy time of year for events, and banding together with other Fringe artists is a great way to get cut through in a busy market.

  • Community - art is great community builder, come be a part of this beast! And bring your auntie too.

What does it take to be part of Auckland Fringe?

  • Venue - have a space that is clean, safe, accessible and available

  • Technical - have light and sound sources for technical requirements as well as a house technician

  • Bathrooms - access to bathrooms is important! Rather disrupts an event if you don’t have it

  • Ticketing - work with our ticketing agent for a smooth audience experience (if it's ticketed)

  • Front of house staff - folk to help manage audience members and look after them in the event of an emergency

  • Promotion - a commitment to promote the shows at your venue and Auckland Fringe in general throughout your own networks

  • Cost - there is a registration fee for artists to be part of Auckland Fringe but not for venues! We’re just here to help facilitate awesome art, around every corner in Auckland. Including yours. So v corner-y.

Keen?! Or want to discuss it further? Email Lydia on lydia@aucklandfringe.co.nz