SĒNSĀTA is a show that encourages, loves and celebrates peoples’ secret pleasures. Whether it’s slime videos, popping a juicy white head, wringing out a wet towel or standing on someone's back with stilettos. This is a show that indulges in it all. It is about having a laugh at the absurd activities we do in order to experience pleasure, whilst simultaneously getting a kick out all the sensations that we expose the audience to. It is our way of taking the “guilty” out of “guilty pleasure”.

It's also about senses. We want to remember the power our senses have; to trust and love our senses. We want to remind the world that we don't need to be constantly running for more and more, up and up. Sometimes sitting back and watching a that sexy video online of someone... squeezing an olive pip out... is just as satisfying as (if not more) ticking off everything from your to-do list.

Is it a show that tickles all your senses. It’s non linear, it’s loud, it contains women being raw, being romantic, being sexy and being honest as f*** about their pleasures.

With a cast of 3-4 women, the show will be collaboratively written and devised. It will experiment with several ways of storytelling; including verbatim, music, movement and poetry. SĒNSĀTA will truly be a sensory overload.

This show is for an audience eager to learn from and relish in their senses. We hope that by sharing and celebrating our unique sensory experiences, we will invite the audience to do the same in their own lives.

Come and sink into the imagery, sound and possibly even taste the things we secretly love. Bask yourself in it all.


Thurs 28 February - Sun 3 March; 19:00


Old Folks Association
8 Gundry St, Auckland Central


60 minutes




Accessible seating not available

Content Warnings:

Adult themes


Comedy, Dance & Physical Theatre, Theatre