I Am Rachel Chu

Constance Wu. NYU Economics Professor. Asian-American underdog. Model Minority. Romantic Lead. We are not Rachel Chu.

But what would Crazy Rich Asians look like if we were?

Identity, identification and representation collide in this violent act of intercultural appropriation. I AM RACHEL CHU is an act of literary terrorism - watch and listen as we rewrite, rework and revitalise the best-selling book and box-office success with our own personal histories, superimposing ourselves over its so-called relatable protagonist.

Created by Nathan Joe, Amanda Grace Leo, Ravi Gurunathan and Angela Zhang

Each year, Basement Theatre's Studio Space is informed by a provocation that we believe will push artists to take creative risks, and play with both politics and process. For 2019, our provocation attempts to position ourselves both locally and globally through the Ghent Manifesto. This manifesto is a set of ten rules to follow when making theatre, created by the Belgium companies, The International Institute of Political Murder and NTGent.



Tue 19 - Sat 23 February; 1900


Basement Theatre
Lower Greys Ave, CBD


60 minutes


$18 - $20


Accessible seating not available

Content Warnings:

Adult themes


Literature & Spoken Word, Theatre