Mary’s Room

Mary's room is an experiment: a movement-visual installation, a new work by Slovenian dance artist Neža Jamnikar, in collaboration with dancers Deborah Fletcher and Evie Logan.

The work is based on a philosophical thought experiment called Mary’s room, proposed by Australian analytic philosopher Frank Cameron Jackson to argue against phisicalism.

Even if we theoretically know everything about a certain person, thing or situation, we absolutely cannot know everything there is until we experience them/it. Therefore, certain un-measurable subjective qualities exist that can only be discovered through conscious experience of an individual. When you and me, and them, are put in an exact same environment at the same moment with an identical pre-information or knowledge about it, at the end our experiences of it are subjectively individualised, and we cannot possibly ‘know’ what the other person’s experience was, and felt like.

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Sun 24 February; 7pm
Mon 25 February; 5pm & 7pm


Auckland Old Folks Association
8 Gundry St


40 minutes


Koha / Pay What You Can


Accessible seating available
Language no problem

Content Warnings:

All ages


Dance & Physical Theatre, Visual Arts Performance / Performance Art