Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation // A collection of three collaborative works. A glimpse of new and developed material by a new wave of artists in the Dance Industry. 50 minutes of us and maybe a little bit of you.

part i.   OBSCURITY

a hanging bulb,

seen and unseen,

the obscurity in the shadows,

the gold that glints in the light,

we welcome you,

look at us.

What do we put in the light, and what is it that dwells in dim rooms? The things hidden, the hushed whispers; our concealed complexities , the disguised negotiations, contracts and conversations. We ask, what is visible?

part ii.  INFLUEN//ZAH

with what do you fill your vessel,

what do you sponge up in the daily,

who do you watch,

and who watches you?

Exploring ideas of influence from others. We fill our vessels with words, and thoughts, from other people, something that flashed across the screen of your phone, an image plastered 10 x 6 Metres. So what is ours? And what makes us human?

part iii.  RO-UTES


unruly tides swept in rings,

deviating routes elegantly placed,

across my pigmented canvas

We explore our meaning as Oceanic women, today. Our physical bodies, our collective aura, and how these features frame how we see our world and how our world sees us.

Degrees of Separation embodies and showcases the journey of each artist. We search for what it means to be ourselves in the world we live in, cultural identities, physical appearance, world views, where we fit and how we are connected to one another.

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Wed 27 February - Sat 2 March; 19:00


Studio One Toi Tū
1 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby


50 minutes


$18 - $20


Accessible seating available

Language no problem

Content Warnings:

All ages


Dance & Physical Theatre, Live Art,

Visual Arts Performance / Performance Art