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Auckland Fringe is a beastie on the move. It’s cantering down K Road and it doesn’t care whether people expect it to be there or not. It’s living life to the fullest (and then some) and sparks are flying from its hooves. Yes, it’s a donkey, but it’s a fast donkey. That can also jump. It turns up at every party with all its records, a fluro t-shirt and a goon sack. It doesn’t care. It deeply cares. It listens empathetically at 4am and will pick you up from the airport. Fringe takes you on road trips to the best sneaky swimming spots. It’s always a step ahead of everyone else. Whether it throws you in at a theatre, an alley, a beach, living room, park or just on your phone - you know, with Auckland Fringe, you’re always in for a crazy time. And you’re so ready Auckland, Fringe can feel it.


  • The Fringe story started in Edinburgh, 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the (then newly formed) Edinburgh International Festival.

  • Fringe festivals have been responding and rebelling against perceived mainstream structure and content every since.

  • Worldwide there are over 200 Fringe festivals held each year, where over 8 million Fringe tickets are sold in over 6 thousand venues across the globe and 19 million people see approximately 170 thousand performers in 60,000 free and ticketed events.

  • In Australasia alone there are at least 7 Fringe festivals, including 2 of the largest in the world (Adelaide Fringe and Perth’s Fringe World Festival)