Want to be an Auckland Fringe artist?

Here's how to become part of the 2019 Auckland Fringe:

STEP ONE - "I have the greatest idea for a Fringe show/event/installation/activation(insert any art form here)!"
Unless it's illegal, we're into it.

STEP TWO - "Hey space/venue/backyard I want to do it in, shall we be pals?" 
We suggest shopping around for a venue to find out which space might physically suit your work best, whether they can give you the support you need financially, audience-wise or production-wise. You can check out the venues listed in our Venues 2019 section or approach your own. We suggest doing this as soon as possible.

STEP THREE "Hi Fringe! Sign me up! Take all my info!" 
It's time to hitch your cart to the Auckland Fringe officially by completing your Artist Registration. Artist registration involves letting us know who you are, all your event details and where you're doing it, followed by paying your registration fee and bond. This means we're able to support you during the event registration process, and we have an idea of how our Fringe is shaping up. These are open now!

STEP FOUR "Ticketing!”
The next step is Ticketing Set Up, where you give us all the nitty gritty details - ticket prices, capacity, on sale details. This area depends on your relationship with your venue.
Ticketing registration details will be sent to you after you've registered.

We're here to help with all these steps. If you have any questions or need advice email us on

Plus keep tabs on all artist info via social media with the Auckland Fringe Artists, Producers and Crew group on FB.

What does your Auckland Fringe registration give you?

  • You get access to an almighty Fringe audience! With over 14,000 e-news subscribers, and 7,900 social media followers, you and your show are on the radar with a bunch of arts loving humans who like to try their hand at all kinds of experiences. You'll also be promoted within our marketing and publicity campaign for the festival as a whole - we're aiming to grow the Fringe audience all over the city.
    For the 2019 Festival, this includes:
    - An Auckland Fringe website listing for your show/event
    - Spotlight inclusion in at least one email newsletter within our overall email marketing campaign
    - Spotlight inclusion in at least one social media post
    - Being part of the umbrella marketing and publicity campaigns for the festival

  • All the support and up-skilling opportunities you need. This includes producing workshops and resources during the Fringe prep period, and an open door support policy with us from registrations through to show time.

  • Access to information sessions and networking opportunities during the Fringe to investigate and learn more about further presentation opportunities - in New Zealand and overseas.

  • Heaps of opportunities for exchange, collaboration and networking. We'll be providing official Fringe events which enable these activities, and there will always be a wee bit of dancing and carpark socialising to be done after hours at the official Artist Hub Basement Theatre.

  • The opportunity to win a Fringe Award. With a panel of industry experts covering all eligible shows and events, you're up for an award that will provide you with an edge if you're looking to continue presenting the work, recognition from the wider industry, and potentially a prize from an industry development award.

  • A Fringe pass for everyone working on your show! Which enables you to go to other Fringe shows for free or cheap on standby, and discounts at some of our favourite haunts.

Auckland Fringe in a nutshell...

  • Auckland Fringe is a festival which ANYONE can be part of (unless they’re doing something illegal, or you're not doing it in Auckland cause, yaknow, it's the Auckland Fringe). 

  • It covers every art form you can possibly think of including theatre, dance, music, comedy, visual arts, digital art, storytelling, spoken word, cabaret, musical theatre, burlesque, street art, street theatre, talks and workshops, activations etc ...

  • Auckland Fringe is here to help. We run workshops for artists to develop their skills, we promote everyone’s shows and venues, and we make a splash on the marketplace.

  • Auckland Fringe runs from 19th February - 3rd March 2019.
    Artists and venues can do a one off or the whole run - whatever suits!

Want to discuss the Fringe further? Email Fringe at

Key Dates

  • Open now! - Fringe registrations are live!

  • 16th November 2018 - Earlybird registrations close (for earlybird launch)

  • Late November 2018 - Earlybird launch party & tickets go live.
    More dets coming soon - but you'll want to be in this one!

  • 11th December 2018 - All registrations close for Auckland Fringe 2019.

  • 19th February - 3rd March 2019 - Auckland Fringe 2019!

 Artist Registration Fees:

Free events - $100 NZD
Pay As You Will/KOHA events - $150 NZD
Ticketed events ($0.01 - $24.99) - $200 NZD
Ticketed events ($25.00+) - $300 NZD

Keen to do more than one event? Artists will get 20% off every registration after your first. Get in touch with us for the special promo code to unlock this. 

Artist Registration fees are paid upfront, along with a $50 bond, which you get back on completion of a post-Fringe wrap up survey (which helps us prove to funders why the Auckland Fringe is worth backing, and so we can make future Fringes even better).


If your venue does not already have a contract with a ticketing agent, and you would like to sell tickets then we will set you up with the wonderful folk at iTICKET.

Their awesome (and special dealio for Auckland Fringe) deal is:

$10 or under tickets: $0.80 inside fee kept by iTICKET

$10.01 - $19.99 tickets: $1.00 inside fee kept by iTICKET

$20 + tickets: $1.20 inside fee kept by iTICKET

Comp tickets: $0 if eTickets or $0.50 for printed comps

(limited to 50% tickets sold p/event with additional comps charged at the online rate)

If you have a free show but would like to use iTICKET to allocate seats then this is the deal they offer:

$25 blanket fee for allocating free tickets via iTICKET for 1-49 tix

$50 blanket fee for allocating free tickets via iTICKET for 50+ tix

$0 for just a listing

Comp tickets: $0 if eTickets or $0.50 for printed comps

(limited to 50% tickets sold p/event with additional comps charged at the online rate)

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