Lockdown - Auckland Fringe 2018

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Wed 21 Feb - Sun 25 Feb
Garnet Station
8:30pm (Wed-Sat)
4pm (Sun)

Tue 27 Feb - Sat 3 Mar; 9pm
The Classic Studio

The Acting Collective and Auckland Fringe present:


"I like the big tree. I sit under it. I can't see the sky any more or the sun. Sometimes I'm sad at the tree. Sometimes I'm there for a long time and I forget. And then I remember other things. I remember things that make me sad. I remember things that make me scared. I don't want to remember them. I want them to go away."

Lockdown is a psychological drama dealing with identity, mental illness and relationships. During a lockdown Jacqui and Emma fall into familiar arguments. Emma starts to rapidly cycle through her alters and cracks start to form.

"Memories will fade if you let them. That's how you cope. That's what I do: I cope. I cope because they need me to. I've seen the cracks form before and 'm sure I'll see them again"


$19 - $24


60 minutes


Accessible seating is not available

Content Warnings:

Adult themes and past sexual abuse of a minor


Garnet Station:


The Classic: