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21  - 25 Feb 2017

Q Theatre - Vault


Michelle/Ryan and Auckland Fringe present:

"Ze": Queer As Fuck!

A solo genderqueer, kinky, femmesexual, polyminded, gay-divorcee comedic odyssey through the real life of Michelle/Ryan.

"Ze" (a gender neutral pronoun) rips the bandage away from zir American puritanical upbringing in a multi-layered coming-out process. Along the way ze discovers a beloved community that at times is just as ridiculous and pigeon-holed as the one ze's left. Michelle/Ryan both uses and parodies the labels meant to help an individual embrace their truth in a modern world desperate for definition. 

"Ze" confronts stereotypes both within and without in a PRIDE-worthy celebration that exposes the complex tension between being authentic to oneself and belonging.

Nominated for Best Comedy at Fringe World 2016.
Won "Best Use of Awkward Silence" Toronto Fringe 2016.
Placed for
Artistic Risk Award Vancouver Fringe 2016.

An Auckland PRIDE affiliated event. For more by Michelle/Ryan please see I'm an Apache Attack Helicopter also in Auckland Fringe 2017.


$20 - $25


60 minutes


Accessible seating available. Blind and low vision accessible.

Content Warnings:

Adult themes, strong language and glitter. Recommended 18+

This Event is an:

  • Award-winner