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4 - 12 March 2017
11am - Late

BEOP Studios

BEOP Studios and Auckland Fringe present:

Watching Paint Dry

If an artist paints a wall and no one is a witness, does the paint dry? 
If a wall is really a train track can there be a mural? 
If you are thirsty and enjoy art will you find Beop Studios? 

We have a large and empty wall outside the studio. During the Auckland Fringe this wall will be transformed to a thing of beauty. The buildings on Shaddock Street are destined to become part of the AT Mt Eden train station and tunnel works. Until then we have an opportunity to use the space for creative gain. Watch our mural artists bring colour and joy to the desolate laneway. 

Enjoy a cold drink as we collectively contemplate semi permanence and change.




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