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23 Feb; 2 & 8 March 2017
5.30pm (23rd & 8th)
5pm (2nd)

Basement Theatre


The Town Centre and Auckland Fringe present:


Thursday 23 Feb, 5:30pm - International Games day: Building Towers Near and Far.  
Artists from out of town are invited to talk about their work over some very serious and important parlour games. 

Thursday 2 Mar, 5:00pm - Tea and Theory: Why THIS? Why NOW?
A discussion by leading female performance artists sharing the theories behind their work and explaining why they won't stop now. 

Wednesday 8 Mar, 5:30pm - Say What You Like: Past, Present and Future.  
The public are invited to this auspicious Town Meeting to discuss the past, present and future of the Auckland Fringe.  This is your chance, come armed with praise or rotten fruit, you shall have your say!

This is a Town Centre initiative.

The Town Centre is a cult of deconstructionist theatre makers who treat the theatrical experience as something that is full of social potential.

An event with The Town Centre is a party. It’s an elaborate rouse to get you in the same room as them. Because they think you’re sexy and it’s just not as fun without you.

Please note:
This is a free event, no ticket required.




60 minutes


Not wheelchair accessible

Content Warnings:


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  • Public Service