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1 - 3 March 2017
12.30pm & 6pm

Pt England Reserve


MAD AVE and Auckland Fringe present:



MAD AVE is proud to present The River Talks; a striking multimedia arts and science production on the banks of the Omaru River in Glen Innes.  The 'River Talks' promises to move and inspire you with powerful displays of Maori history, innovative artistic flair and insightful technical infotainment.

Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au is a whakatauki (proverb) which translates into 'I am the river and the river is me'. Our project asks the audience to confront the reality of a dying and polluted river that was once the lifeline of this community. 

Mad Ave is committed to using the arts as a tool for transformation that creates real change in places where it matters most; at the heart of community. Don't just sit back and watch our rivers die! 

Come along and join the movement as The River Talks.

The River Talks has been the catalyst for some of the most exciting community led action in Auckland.

Since the first 2013 River Talks Mad Ave has gone on to: 

- Coordinate 16 major ecological events
- Worked with over 700 volunteers
- Planted almost 15000 native trees
- 3 rubbish clean ups
- Work with local schools to develop awareness around the environment
- Partnering with Council and Local Board to build the Omaru Restorative Action initiative
- Employed 20 locals for various roles of the work

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90 minutes


Accessible seating available

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This Event is a:

  • Call for change
The River Talks is unashamedly political; it’s theatre with a message, and it’s unique and fascinating stuff. The multi-media artists are expert in their fields and to have them interact so well with promenade theatre is an excellent double-edged sword. It’s great for the kids too and, left up to me, I would have bussed every kid in the region to see the show, for the messages, yes, but also because it’s damn good theatre.
— Theatreview