flesh of the gods.png


7th; 9 - 11th March

Samoa House


Pressure Point Collective and Auckland Fringe present:


A string of gods are taking on physical form. 
They are arriving for a long overdue session with a shrink. 
Unpacking their experience, they are trying to process how their actions and inner worlds are manifesting in the human realm.

FLESH OF THE GODS is a psychedelic dive into world mythology, a poetic feast for the mind and senses, full to the brim with philosophy and grandiose entrances.  It is the spiritual successor to Pressure Point's POTATO STAMP MEGALOMANIAC (Excellence Award for Overall Production, Auckland Theatre Awards 2016). 

It is an attempt to forge a mythology that speaks to the age we live in, where the end of times can feel all too certain.

Mythic rap battles, apocalyptic relationship problems and live sound by the inimitable Dennison; you’d be a fool to miss this show. 

Let’s get metaphysical.


Writer/Director/Producer: Andrew Gunn

Collaborators/Performers: Rosie Tapsell, Ash Jones, Indigo Paul, Matt Gibbons, Kalisha Wasasala, Arlo Gibson, Rowan Brooks & Hadleigh Tiddy

Performance Designer: Christine Urquhart
Live Sound: Tom Dennison
Dramaturge: Julia Croft
Stage Managers: Stella Reid, Andrew Gunn


Pressure Point is an Auckland based theatre collective. 

We aim to hold a space that is one part play, one part reality distortion field. 
Our work is eclectic, highly physical and darkly comedic. 
We aspire for maximum scale with minimum resources, and thrive in the tension between the two.    


$16 - $20


60 minutes


Accessible seating available - Seating will be on rugs and cushions with some chairs for the elderly if required.

Content Warnings:

Adult themes

This Event is a:

  • World Premiere
  • Award winning company
It’s smart, funny and delightfully inventive, and best of all it ends on a note of such unexpected, preposterous and yet soul-stirring grace, you’ll walk away feeling enlarged, grateful. Rewarded.
— Simon Wilson, Metro; on Potato Stamp Megalomaniac