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7 March & 8 March 2017

Audio Foundation


Mister Chris and Auckland Fringe present:

Drink Violin

Chris Prosser explains the background to the show: "I was never totally happy just playing the violin. Something was missing. Now I know what it is: I want to sing and act at the same time. I like to drink the violin whilst playing it, become intoxicated, and vocalize with it - sometimes in English and other times in a spontaneous made-up nonsense tongue, to enhance the mood of the song. Now I perform at the interface of violin and voice." 

These songs make for an unusual form of music theatre, presented as stand-up with chat. Here are some of the song titles: The Nobody Inn, The Bun Shop Song, Chords are Very Strange Things, Philosophy Song: discussion between a Dog a Goat and a Shepherd, Ya Glottal, Gypsy Waltz Offset, Two Page Epic.

Performed by Chris Prosser

Mr Prosser shows an astonishing talent for feverish improvisation.
— Edwin Carr, Taupo Times




45 minutes


Wheelchair accessible if contacted in advance:

Content Warnings:


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  • Auckland Premiere