4 March 2017



Tomás Ford and Auckland Fringe present:

Crap Music Rave Party

Grab your mates, request a crap song and hit the dance floor for the dumbest night of fringe!

Tomás Ford is proudly the worst DJ in the world, returning with his idiotic super-club for a non-stop party. If you haven't had the dubious pleasure, it's pretty easy to explain. No good music is allowed. All requests are welcome, so long as they're crap.

Tomás drops requests like the party weapon they aren't and the dance floor loses their minds. It's not just the brilliantly awful music that makes it a killer night; it's a full-on spectacle including DIY rave video projections, balloons, hardware store disco lights, glowsticks and Tomás' hyperactive DJ antics. Struggling to think of a request? Get your brain thinking about stuff like 5ive, Tina Arena, Russian lesbian sisters, Barry Manilow, skate park dubstep, Britney Spears rapping in an English accent, Peter Andre, 80s movie themes, Limp Bizkit, Scandal'us, Savage Garden, Crazy Frog, Frankie saying Relax, Gangnam Style...


Catch both Tomás Ford's Chase and Crap Music Rave Party together and save dosh!


$22 - $15


9pm - 1am


Accessible seating available

Content Warnings:

Bad lyrics

This Event is:

  • R18