25 February 2017
11am - 11pm

Samoa House


Leah Carrell and Benjamin Mitchell with Auckland Fringe present:


Performers include: Reece Adams, Leah Carrell, Jasmine Donald, Elle Farrar, Omea Geary, Benjamin Mitchell, Rodney Tyrell plus guests!

Composure is an improvised creative practice which uses movement, dance and voice to negotiate a live engagement with the design of space, choreography, sound, and relationships of others present.

Composure is a 12-hour endurance piece; a platform which challenges our usual modes of performance as creators and dancers. We invite the audience to come in and out of the space, observing, influencing, and contributing to the work. Join us for a few minutes or stay for an hour. Come again to watch our progress!

Composure began as a student project in 2015 as an investigation of the mind and body in relation to others in the space and with the performance setting. The word 'Composure' in its literal sense, can be considered in two ways; verb and noun. This dyad is expressed in our performance, displaying the act of composing (space, sound, movement, score, relationships) and the way the performers are on stage; composed, ready, available, making the work with consideration and commitment.


Please note:
This is a free event, no ticket required.


Koha Entry


12 hours


Accessible seating available

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This Event is a:

  • Durational work - pop through any time
As a form of real-time composition ... the work held a strong sense of vitality and curiosity that allows space for the imagination to be affected by different qualities of touch, presence and connection ... They open perceptions, they allow images to arrive, dissolve and reboot through shifts of attention. They work with the immediacy of presence and bare life.
— Carol Brown