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6 - 7 March 2017



Protoi  and Auckland Fringe present:

Bound Without Chains

Bound Without Chains / Intimacy in Greek Rhythm, English Verse

“Of the many things hidden from the knowledge of man, nothing is more unintelligible than the human heart.” ~ Homer

And here we are with hearts that demand to be heard!

Bound Without Chains is a show of poetry by Katerina Makri, and depicted in cinematic fashion by the photographic brilliance of Spiros Poros. Together they call us to the observable activity of a heart that wants to be free: to love, to give, free of itself to bond with the heart of another.

The poems are penetrating, sometimes painful, sometimes serene, but with an undeniably Greek aura. The photographs are mesmerising: an odyssey of image and light.

This Greek-World fusion of ideas and images, Greek-Sanskrit syncopations in poetry, is a show of music and dance as well.  The audience is guided through a series of observations, and scenarios, that create an inner movement opening the heart to its own mind. It is intimacy of another kind.

The ancient Greeks were among the first, and perhaps the best, to articulate the culture of the heart as a place that is vital for us to touch upon, to know we are human. The culture of the heart is the journey of union.  It is evocative. It is not romantic.

Presented  by Protoi: 

Written by  Katerina Makri

Fine Art Photography   Spiros Poros

Direction   Cristina Ionda 

Choreographer   Brigitte Knight

Music Direction  K Makri

Production  K Makri  

Promotions   Kristina Hard

Performers   Denise Snoad, Daniel Watterson, Amber-Rose Henshall, Cristina Ionda, Katerina Makri

Flute   Jamie Dionisio

Drums   Dhruv Mody

Sound and Lights Technician   Paul Summers

Graphic Art   Alexander Tudor




60 minutes


Accessible seating available

Content Warnings:

Adult content

This Event is a:

  • World Premiere