Auckland Fringe in a nutshell...

  • Auckland Fringe is a festival which ANYONE can be part of (unless they’re doing something illegal, or you're not doing it in Auckland cause, yaknow, it's the Auckland Fringe). 

  • It covers every art form you can possibly think of including theatre, dance, music, comedy, visual arts, digital art, storytelling, spoken word, cabaret, musical theatre, burlesque, street art, street theatre, talks and workshops, activations etc ...

  • Auckland Fringe is here to help. We run workshops for artists to develop their skills, we promote everyone’s shows and venues, and we make a splash on the marketplace.

  • Auckland Fringe runs from 19th February - 3rd March 2018.
    Artists and venues can do a one off or the whole run - whatever suits!

Want to discuss the Fringe further? Email Fringe at

Key Dates

  • SOON! - Fringe registrations go live!

  • 16th November 2017 - Earlybird registrations close (for earlybird launch)

  • Late November 2017 - Earlybird launch party & tickets go live.
    More dets coming soon - but you'll want to be in this one!

  • 7th December 2017 - All registrations close for Auckland Fringe 2019.

  • 19th February - 3rd March 2018 - Auckland Fringe 2019!

 Artist Registration Fees:

Free events - TBC
Pay As You Will/KOHA events - TBC
Ticketed events ($0.01 - $24.99) - TBC
Ticketed events ($25.00+) - TBC

Keen to do more than one event? Artists will get 20% off every registration after your first. Get in touch with us for the special promo code to unlock this. 

Artist Registration fees are paid upfront, along with a $50 bond, which you get back on completion of a post-Fringe wrap up survey (which helps us prove to funders why the Auckland Fringe is worth backing, and so we can make future Fringes even better).


iTICKET is our ticketing partner for the 2018 Auckland Fringe. Your venue may have their own ticketing provider, in which case please get in touch with us ASAP. Here is a break down of the iTICKET fees:

The fee that the customer pays on top of the ticket price, otherwise known as a “booking fee.” This may vary from venue to venue, but in most cases it follows: 

Online bookings: $1.00 per ticket (cap of $7.00 per order) Phone bookings: $7.50 per order Outlets/door sales: Vary.    

The fee paid by the artist/producer for all tickets sold, which is included in the ticket price you set (so make sure you account for this when setting your ticket prices).

$1.50 per ticket including GST

For KOHA events where the promoter/artist wishes for tickets to be issued, a flat fee of $50 applies to events with a capacity of 50 or less, and $100 for events with a capacity of 51 to 200.

Complimentary tickets are free if issued as eTickets by Auckland Fringe or by the Artist/Producer via iTICKET's online Box Office portal or producer run door lists. If required, printed Comps from iTICKET will incur a charge of 50c (inc GST) per ticket. Comping over 50% of your house will activate the standard inside charge for any tickets over the 50% allocation.


Full Auckland Fringe Terms & Conditions available here